-Registration is now open for Spring Dialects Classes!

Join us in April for my next round of Dialects Classes! Here is the class information:

Dialects A: Fundamentals of the IPA (14+)

Wednesdays 7:00-10:00pm

April 4th – May 2nd (five weeks)

Cost: $250

This Dialects workshop focuses on teaching actors the International Phonetic Alphabet, or IPA. The first in a two-part class, the aim of this course is to educate actors in the basics of the IPA to apply it towards the learning of dialects in Dialects Course B. This is not a performance class; rather, this is a scholarly approach that ultimately allows actors to teach themselves any dialect or accent through focused study. Ages 14 and up. This class does not offer make-up days. For more info, click here to watch a video of the IPA in action! (Limit: 10 students)


Dialects B: Application of the IPA* (14+)

Wednesdays 7:00-10:00pm

May 9th – May 30th (four weeks)

Cost: $200

Class B focuses on using the IPA and a 7-step approach towards learning new dialects, using Received Pronunciation (British) as a stepping stone. By the end of this class, you will have the tools and confidence to learn any dialect you wish.

*Must have completed Dialects Class A to enroll. (Limit: 10 students)


Dialects C: Ongoing (14+)*

Mondays, 3:30-6:30pm
April 9th – May 28th (eight weeks)

Cost: $400

Join us every week as we explore new dialects together! This is an exploratory class, so each class will be different. The class could spend only a single class on a dialect, or several. Dialects we choose to work on may be decided by the instructor, or at the suggestion of the students. This is a performance based class where we will create new Lexical Sets for different dialects together. (Limit: 10 students)

 *Must have completed both Dialects A and B to enroll.


If you have any questions, or to register, call (818) 465-0807.