Dialect Coaching

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Are you an actor interested in learning dialects? Have you been unable to learn through typical “mimicry” techniques? Perhaps you have a pretty good ear for picking up a dialect, but would like a more technical approach to applying them to text? Look no further.

My approach to dialect coaching utilizes the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), which is a series of symbols that represents all the sounds used in language that the vocal apparatus can make. For instance, if I wanted to write “To be, or not to be, that is the question” in the IPA using a General American dialect, it would look like this:

/tu bi | ɔɚ̆ nɑt tu bi || ðæt ɪz ðə kwɛst͡ʃn̩/

Pretty funky, right? However, if you can learn how to read and write like this, then it gives you a tool. It will allow you to identify changes that are made when we switch from one dialect (our own) into another (our character’s). This is useful for an actor, because by the time you are done learning this method, you will be able to pick any dialect you’d like to learn, apply the steps I will teach you towards that dialect, and be able to have a truly academic approach to self-learning it. This means you will no longer need to rely on mimicry alone to get the job done.

Learn the IPA, and you can learn accents at your own pace whenever you want.

I currently offer private coaching, based on a curriculum designed to teach you the basics of the IPA in 6 to 8 sessions, depending on the individual. For information on private coaching, please contact me at scott@scottalanmoffitt.com or (818) 465-8430.



Dialects  – Fundamentals of the IPA: Ages 14 – Adult

Wednesdays  4:00-6:00pm (nine weeks)

March 22 – May 24

Cost: $520

Classes will be held at Young Actors Space, 5918 Van Nuys Blvd., Sherman Oaks, CA 91401. To sign up, visit this link, email info@youngactorsspace.com, or call (818) 785-7979.



“Guess what guys? Scott is a kick ass teacher! I’ve struggled with teaching myself dialects off and on for years using instructional CDs and was super confused as to WTF the IPA was or how to use it effectively because no one I was trying to learn from explained it in a way that I could wrap my brain around. With Scott’s help….in a matter of days… I not only now know WTF the IPA is, how to use it and even MEMORIZED IT. Not only that, more importantly, I now FULLY understand how to teach myself ANY dialect I might want to add to my lil’ ol’ acting skill set…. Yes, you heard me right…Scott taught me this in a matter of DAYS. Take this friggin’ class with Professor Moffitt. It’s well worth it. And you’re welcome.” – Shannon Ames, aka DJ Shortee

“Dialects were always very difficult for me, but such an important aspect of character development.  My view on it changed once I met Scott and he taught me the right way to use IPA. It has added a whole other professional layer to my acting, and helps me add depth to certain roles. ” – Sean Russel Herman, actor, Tyler Perry’s The Have and the Have Nots