-“Below the Belt” at Young Actors Space

Hello friends!

I’m co-producing and acting in Below the Belt by Richard Dresser at Young Actors Space this June. Here’s a bit about the play from Mr. Dresser himself:

“Three American men work as Checkers for a mysterious multi-national company in a distant land. Merkin is the power-obsessed boss, Hanrahan the tortured middle manager and Dobbitt, the disturbingly eager newcomer. Away from their families and isolated from the other workers on the industrial compound, they are completely dependent on each other. However, their need to compete is as strong as their need to connect, and they guard their territory with baroque, subterranean strategies. The play is about loneliness and the deep existential pettiness of men attempting to work together.”

My performance dates are: 6/3, 6/11, 6/17 and 6/24. Buy your tickets at YAStheatre.net.

I hope to see you there!