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Student Testimonial

“Before taking Scott Alan Moffitt ’s Dialect and IPA class, I felt completely lost when it came to any sort of dialect. Now, I am able to use the tools I have been given to perfect a dialect the right way and in a short amount of time! I recently had a last minute audition for twelve pages of a French dialect (something I had never ever attempted before) and using what I learned from Scott, I was able to walk into the room with confidence and know that my dialect was spot on.

The IPA is truly something that has not only helped with dialects, but has given me the ability to create interesting character quirks and more understanding of the how people speak around us. Not to mention, Scott’s class went above and beyond in making learning the IPA incredibly fun- I can now officially call myself an IPA nerd!! With whatever roles that may come my way, I am confident that Scott’s training has given me the tools needed to nail it.” – Ciara Wilson, Disney Channel’s Bizaardvark